Storing wind and sunshine

Worldwide pumped storage accounts for 97% of grid energy storage.

Energy Reliability

Pumped hydro makes solar and wind dispatchable — available 24/7.

Water security

Our projects are designed to also enhance water security.


Gerald Arends

Gerald Arends


M: +61 468 841 854

Gerald is a senior lawyer specialising in energy and infrastructure projects (in particular renewable energy) having worked in Australia, the UK and Germany. He has advised contractors, project sponsors, banks and procuring authorities on projects in Australia and overseas.

Gerald is an industry leader in the renewable energy sector having advised on projects in more than 20 countries both from within the industry and as a practising lawyer.  He is a director of Pegasus Legal, an energy and infrastructure boutique legal practice.  Most recently, Gerald has successfully closed market-leading transactions in Australia, the Philippines and Japan.

He also has substantial expertise in the transport industry, having worked on numerous rail and airport projects in the UK, Europe, India and Australia.

Other activities: Gerald is the Secretary of Brisbane Symphony Orchestra, a leading community orchestra serving South-East Queensland.  Gerald has been a Visiting Lecturer within the LL.M. programme at the University of Warwick (UK) and within the L.L.M. programme at the University of Queensland (Australia).

Chris Baker

Chris Baker

Chris is a generalist civil engineer and software engineer with a recent focus on electro-mobility and renewable energy integration.

Past experience includes infrastructure projects such as construction planning of coal loader offshore works, detailed design of highway grade separated interchanges, design and systems analysis for highway design software used in 42 countries, design and construction of municipal facilities.

Chris is a joint venture partner in Eco Boats Australia Pty Ltd a leading marine electro-mobility company with offices in Sydney and Brisbane. Chris is the technical lead for design and implementation of electrical propulsion systems for yachts, motor boats, work boats and small vessels. He has a special interest in renewable energy powered vessels.

Chris’s company Creative Engineering Australia Pty Ltd has developed software for geometric design of Highways and other major civil engineering projects. The software has been translated to French, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, and Hungarian and has been used in 42 countries world wide for a variety of infrastructure projects. Creative Engineering also provides consulting services for renewable energy integration and infrastructure planning.

Other activities: Chris is a board member of the Association of Sustainable Communities, Co-Convener of Pine Rivers Greens.

Sorin Lupulescu

Sorin Lupulescu

Sorin is a specialist in pumped hydro power station operation and maintenance, with expertise in catchment hydro and thermal power generation.

Sorin was manager of Wivenhoe Power Station for 11 years — the largest hydro machine in the Australia and Queensland’s only pumped hydro plant. As well as CS Energy, the owner of Wivenhoe Power Station, Sorin has also worked for  Hydro Tasmania as Power Schemes engineering manager, for Fluor Global in the role of Operations Engineer and for Macquarie Generation at Bayswater Power Station.

Sorin is adviser to Sunshine Hydro, and lives north of Brisbane with his wife Bianca.

Donovan Burton

Donovan Burton


Donovan is a climate change adaptation specialist with a diverse portfolio of experience, having completed more than 150 climate change risk and adaptation projects. He is focused on influencing change adaptation governance through disruptive technology, big data and the internet of things. Donovan recently founded the Informed.City platform for climate change adaptation governance assessments. In the past 12 months the platform has been used to understand the adaptation governance of 230 organisations across numerous jurisdictions.

Over the past decade Donovan has  helped numerous organizations identify risks and opportunities associated with climate change. His sector experience in this space includes insurance, property development, infrastructure (including roads, rail, ports, tunnels), information communication technology, United Nations, national governments, state governments, local governments, NGOs