Kidston pumped hydro to have more storage

Genex TFS Opimisation General Arrangement

In an ASX announcement Genex Power reported on its Technical Feasibility Optimisation which upgrades the storage from 6 to 8 hours operation at 250 MW.  This is an additional 33% over the earlier indications that it would provide 6 hours operation at 250 MW.

Other conclusions from the optimisation are that variable speed pump-turbines will provide a better outcome than the originally proposed fixed speed pump-turbines, and that the upper reservoir can be provided by using the existing Wises pit rather than the proposed turkey’s nest dam.  Utilising the existing pit will reduce capital cost.

Modelling by Mott MacDonald showed that by using variable speed pump-turbines the start up time can be reduced to less than 30 seconds.

The TFS optimisation concluded that the project cost, including contingency, is about $330million. The project also requires the construction of a 275 kV transmission line to connect to the existing infrastructure at Mt Fox.

Full details of the announcement is available at Genex


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