Summary of projects

Here is an outline of some the projects we are working on:


An off-river pumped hydro project of nameplate capacity 600MW and 20 hours storage. The power station is close to a 275kV transmission line. The project is in a high rainfall area adjacent to an intermittent but reliable creek. The project is close to announced solar projects. The head is relatively high at over 400m.


This site has potential for multiday storage, providing a very attractive metric for cost per kWh for an 80MW nameplate capacity power station. The site is attractive due to a terrain which is well suited to efficient dam construction and permits a large storage volume. It is an area with distinct seasonal wind patterns that suggest long duration storage would be useful for providing renewable energy security.


This 90 to 200 MW power station is located on a site with very suitable terrain, little environmental risk, interested landholders, supportive local council, and existing high renewable energy penetration. The site qualities encourage long duration multiday storage which lowers the cost per kwh for the project. It is close to various transmission options.


This project is designed for 20 hours operation at full power of 60 MW. This project has an advantage of an existing lower dam and close to existing and planned renewable energy projects. Environmental risk is low and the land is held by one owner, and distance to HV transmission is short.


This is the largest of the project opportunities at 1,400 MW with 20 hours of storage. It has the potential to connect to an unconstrained hub on the grid. Should this proceed it would be a project of national significance and would provide dispatchable capacity at half the cost of the headline Snowy 2 project. It would also catalyse and become the anchor for a renewable energy hub.


This project has a nameplate capacity of 600MW and 20 hours storage. When matched with appropriate wind and solar assets this power station can replace retiring coal fired power. Its strengths include the ability to connect into two high voltage transmission lines, has low environmental risk and is located in a proactive local government area close to other renewable energy projects, and engaged landowners.

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