Turnbull proposes new pumped hydro for Tassie

Already rich in hydro, pumped storage can make better use of available resources, with Tasmania hoping to become the renewable energy battery for Australia. Prime Minister Turnbull announced plans to expand existing hydro capacity and add the possibilty of 2500 MW of pumped hydro.

ARENA will examine four large projects: Mersey Forth-1, Mersey Forth-2, Great Lake and Lake Burbury – with capacity of around 500-700 MW each – and an alternative of nine small scale sites totalling 500MW.

Turnbull says pumped hydro can further stabilise the National Electricity Market and underpin additional wind investment in the State.

This announcement also refers to the study by Dr John Tamblyn on the case for a second interconnector to the mainland. Dr Tamblyn’s report finds another interconnector might be beneficial, but will depend on the ongoing development of the electricity system in Tasmania and the National Electricity Market.

See full transcript of press conference at Trevallyn here.

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